Landscape Gardening

Our experienced landscape gardeners will take your garden ideas and turn them into a beautiful living space that you will enjoy for many years. Also, when it comes to garden landscaping we always consider your lifestyle and exactly what you would like your garden to do for you.

How You Use Your Garden

Are you looking for a low maintenance garden, or do you have a mature garden that needs a little expert help to have it looking at its absolute best? Do you need a garden design that is practical and safe for children or grand children to play in, whilst still having visual impact?

Whether you wish our landscapers to create an ideal environment for you to eat, drink and socialise in or if you require your garden to be a place of quiet relaxation and solitude, we are sure we can meet all of your high expectations.

Attention To Detail

Our landscape gardeners are experienced and conscientious enough to pay attention to every detail. We can landscape lighting as well as your garden, so it becomes an exciting and enjoyable place to spend your evenings as well as daytime and weekends. We are also able to hard landscape gravel or stone paths, decorative brickwork, garden walls, pond walls and we can also work with natural stone paving to create a stunning effect.

At Country Lane Landscapes we regard your house frontage as just as important as your back garden's landscaping and we can arrange for front garden designs to be created and landscaped through to completion. We also take into account practicalities such as the number of cars you have to park etc.

Areas We Work In

Throughout Birmingham, Solihull, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, North Worcestershire & the surrounding areas, we would be delighted to find out how you would best like to make use of your garden over the coming years.


Landscape gardening by Country Lane Landscapes
Attractive landscaping by Country Lane Landscapes
Gazebo in landscaped attractive garden by Country Lane Landscapes
Attractive path and garden lighting work by Country Lane Landscapes