Garden Design

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contempory garden design, or something more exotic, our seamless partnership with garden designers Anthea Elston & Dave Galloway will make the process easy and rewarding.

Anthea and Dave have creativity in abundance and a deep knowledge of plants and materials. Most importantly their philosophy is simple - above all they listen to clients wants and needs and very much listen to and appreciate the garden itself.

Whether your garden is wide, narrow, large, small, mature, part of a new build or simply in need of a re-design, the service our selected garden design partners, Anthea Elston & Dave Galloway, provide together will help you to create a beautiful, suitable, sustainable garden.

Initial Consultation

Our garden design partner, Anthea Elston, visits you at your home for a free of charge initial consultation.

This consultation will cover;

  • What you want to get out of the redesign
  • Needs of all those who use the garden - pets, children etc
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • The amount of time, if any, you want to spend maintaining the garden
  • The amount of money you want to spend on the redesign

Concept Plan

If you decide you want to take it further, the next stage is the concept plan - cost generally between £350 and £400, depending upon the size of garden.

The garden designer comes back, measures up your garden, including measuring any changes in level, and pin pointing the location of plants or other features that you want to remain in the garden after the redesign.

A base plan is drawn up, showing your gardens basic dimensions, and the garden designer then works to create a new design, which incorporates all the ideas you discussed at the initial consultation plus gives it some coherence and definition - and a bit of a wow factor. The type of hard landscaping materials and planting to be used will also be shown, but not yet in detail. This is still at the ideas stage.

The designer arranges a convenient date and time to return, and presents you with the concept plan, which should surprise and delight you.

Costing and Detailing

The next stage in getting the concept plan turned into reality is to get it costed up. This is where Country Lane Landscapes, together with Anthea, can help you to decide exactly how to bring your garden design to life.

In addition, further, more detailed plans may be required, such as planting plans for each area of planting, and materials will need to sourced and specified - both services which Anthea can help you with. Planting plans and details are costed on an hourly rate basis, but generally cost between £150 and £200 per plan, depending upon size and complexity. Plant and material sourcing are charged out on an hourly rate basis.

Maintaining the Garden

Once the build has been completed by Country Lane Landscapes, Anthea can devise a maintenance programme for you, or any garden maintenance contractor you employ so that you know exactly what needs to be done to keep your new garden looking as good as the day it was finished - in fact, it should keep getting better and better, as plants grow and develop and materials weather in.

We can also arrange a yearly advisory visit to address any queries which may come up as time goes by. Cost will depend upon the size and complexity of the garden.


A garden in a state of disrepair before being redesigned and landscaped by Country Lane Landscapes
A beautiful garden with patio, steps, decorative wall and flower beds designed and landscaped by Country Lane Landscapes
A lovely path laid by Country Lane Landscapes edging a rockery
A simple modern take on a gravel and turf garden, finished with an attractive path implemented by Country Lane Landscapes
A lush new lawn with a luxurious garden seat on a spacious gravelled area by Country Lane Landscapes